Melanotan II Gives Us What We Always Wanted:

In the event the two things you can’t live without certainly are a dark, even tan and also a fast-acting, long-lasting erection, adding Melanotan II to your holiday break shopping list. This synthetic peptide hormone, which was developed by a study team at the University involving Arizona during the late nineteen nineties, darkens skin pigment and may even stimulate erectile activity. And also despite continued concern along with controversy within the medical neighborhood regarding its use, that remains available for sale over the internet inside a powdered form that can and then be reconstituted for subcutaneous injections.

Melanotan II initial captured the public’s creativeness when the mainstream media in short , touted it as a Viagra-like panacea for middle-aged guys. Norman Levine, a skin specialist who led the team in which developed the drug, had initially conducted experiments in which he or she darkened the pigments connected with frogs by injecting regarding a hormone called Leader MSH. After Melanotan 2 starter kit was modified for individual use and put through scientific trials, Levine reported this “one very astute onlooker who took this drug advised us that he was establishing spontaneous erections. “

Through the 2000s, the Melanotan 2 peptide and the metabolite based on it, the erectile dysfunction-focused Bremelanotide (also known as PT-141), were patented and then registered to biotechnology companies trying to15328 develop them into lucrative prescription drugs. However , these companies also provide the peptides for primary sale to researchers. These kinds of transactions occupy a legal greyish area, since the peptides are usually banned for human make use of outside clinical trials. Although they can be purchased from different websites specializing in research chemical compounds.

Despite the fact that obtaining Melanotan II in addition to Bremelanotide is relatively easy to do, the two substances come in powder web form and then must be reconstituted making use of sterile water prior to subcutaneous injection-a method of administration that will cause lead to skin bumps, cross-contamination, or infection, in the event the person performing the injections is inexperienced and the syringe isn’t clean.

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