mountaineering Bines Hop Farm on Seneca Lake, ny

A lovely force up Seneca Lake

pressure north on direction 14 out of Watkins Glen and you climb excessive on the west facet of Seneca Lake, via a serene nation-state flanked by way of lovely vineyards and splendid perspectives of the lake.

At each vista you fight the urge to drag over and cargo up your cell telephone with pics that might by no means virtually deliver the enjoy, irrespective of how many you take. Breweries near me nice to simply be there.

Cindy gazes out the window at passing grapevines, the landscape and Seneca Lake beyond, as I ramble on about how we need to simply open a brewpub or something and make a dwelling enjoying what we love to do: make beer, develop things and revel in nature and life.

“it’s just another mile beforehand, at the proper,” she says, glancing down on the map on her smart phone.

briefly silenced I be aware of the road beforehand and contemplate the idea of operating a brewery or brewpub. although we discovered the funding may want to we clearly run a business like that? Dunno. For now we will simply keep on with exploring our truthful land for cool places to locate cool beer.

in this avenue experience we’ve got our path set on mountaineering Bines Hop Farm which, even though no longer a brew pub, does takes place to be a craft ale brewery. The hop farm is located approximately midway up the west facet of Seneca Lake near Dresden, ny. A lovely power.

We swing proper onto Hanson point avenue, a free gravel arrangement that conjures photos of the Duke boys skidding away in the popular Lee kicking up a wake of dust. I fight the urge to “yeeeehaw” and peal out.

in preference to turning left into the automobile parking space of climbing Bines we decide to follow the winding street down to the lake shore first. We take a gradual drive in the back of lakefront homes, which sit again now not too far in any respect from the water’s facet.

Boats bob inside the lazy afternoon sun, lashed to docks and awaiting their owners to take them on one remaining spin before nightfall. Or perhaps one ultimate spin after dusk.

the street useless ends so we turn back. As we make our manner lower back toward the hop farm we round an uphill curve and i goose the accelerator, sans “yeeeehaw,” whipping up a short dirt cloud as we rumble up the slope.

Gripping the “oh shoot” take care of on the passenger aspect A-pillar to constant herself Cindy evenly comments, “nice. you could need to slow down though due to the fact the entrance is proper up there.”

The Picturesque Hop Farm

I brake and make a quick turn past a big stacked-stone cairn into the lot at hiking Bines. After parking we head in for a look. It changed into a bit sluggish during our go to but that worked out well due to the fact we had a hazard to talk with Chris Hansen, hop farmer, co-owner and co-brewer at mountain climbing Bines Craft Ale & Hop Farm.

friendly and enthusiastic, Chris advised us the story of their commercial enterprise. He along side homebrewer friend Brian Karweck and others began the larger hop farm in 2009 after multiple years growing a smaller lawn outside of his grandfather’s vintage tractor shed. to start with they used their hops for homebrewing but as their know-how of hops and brewing grew, so did the hop garden.

The farm finally grew to encompass 7 kinds of aroma and excessive alpha acid hops – Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Goldings, Magnum, Nugget and Willamette – with nearly 1500 hills on 1.five acres of the equal assets where the shed stands, excessive on the shore of Seneca Lake.

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