Overwhelming Use of Glass Partitioning

It would appear that in all office refurbishment conditions these days, that the overwhelming need is for light permeable, joints less and translucent office buildings. We have to examine whether this specific use of glass partitioning, is in times, to the detriment regarding other considerations. What provides happened to individual privateness, sound reduction, fire retardant devices that allow us to feel comfy, safe and trusted? Of course, glass partitions allow us to incorporate a manifestation to make people feel ‘individual’, but the minimal scope means that every group, every wave and department of transportation, has been seen somewhere just before. The art of quality decoration will probably be lost, together with joinery expertise if we don’t stretch the imagination beyond a linen of glass partitioning.

The greatest, for the truly absurd attention-grabber is Priva-lite. This truly awesome invention allows one to convert a boring piece of very clear glass into a paste girl obscure room. Who created the fully glazed frameless door? We sit inside meetings with this air space that allows sound to penetrate around it and exchange from room to basic office, as if a zone did not exist at all. Developers tell us the aesthetics are usually spoilt by framing the threshold and reducing the sound lowering! Please note; sound reduction is very important!

So , Interior Designers, Designer and office fitters, you should, reconsider us workers while over-using divisoria de aluminio com vidro! We require sound attenuated offices in the highest order! We want to sense cosseted, we want PRIVACY! Naturally , natural light is important and a glass partitions deliver the best lighting effects. So is an artistic equilibrium of the creatively thought out reliable wall. No more the easy option, start to really listen, once we the client say we want top quality offices, but with a high amount of decibel rating.

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